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    Suzhou Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Chorus
    (Suzhou Teachers' Chorus)

    The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Chorus, also known as the Suzhou Teachers' Chorus, was established in November 2023 through a collaboration between the Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau and the Suzhou Cultural Investment Group. The main objectives of the Chorus include fostering the development of public activities related to choral culture and art in Suzhou, supporting the music season performances of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra, and showcasing the high level of choral art in Suzhou, as well as in the broader Yangtze River Delta region. Additionally, the Chorus is committed to promoting and encouraging the popularization of art education in the community and schools, thereby leading the advancement of music education in Suzhou and its surrounding cities.


    The Chorus was established and is managed in a professional way. The current music director is Zhang Rui who is a Chinese American conductor, the professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music as well as the expert judge appointed by the Ministry of Education. The head of the Chorus is Wang Huan who is music instructor and researcher of Suzhou city. The honorary music director is Chen Xieyang, who serves as the music director of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra and the honorary music director of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The honorary chief conductor is Xu Zhong, the chief conductor of the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra. Lastly, the honorary head and deputy head respectively are Chen Guangxian and Zhou Ying.


    The Chorus is committed to becoming a high-caliber and influential Chorus in Suzhou and the broader Yangtze River Delta region. By organizing choral tours, choral competitions, exhibitions, and other cultural exchange events, the Chorus aims to create a high ground of choral culture in China and shine as a new symbol of Suzhou in artistic demonstration and international cultural exchange.


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