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    Under the leadership of and with support from the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Suzhou Municipal Government, the Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau and Suzhou Cultural Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. formally established the Suzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) in July 2022. The Suzhou Symphony Orchestra (SZS) provides professional instruction for the SYSO. As the first youth symphony orchestra managed by a professional orchestra in Suzhou, SYSO opens a new chapter of high-quality aesthetic education driven by the government and enterprises. After a rigorous selection process, hundreds of brilliant musicians between the ages of 10 and 18 were selected from thousands of applicants to become the first official members of the SYSO.


    The Music Director of the SYSO is Chen Xieyang, who is also the Music Director of the SZS and the Honorary Music Director of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The Chief Conductor of the SYSO is Xu Zhong, who is also the Chief Conductor of the SZS. The General Manager of the SYSO is Chen Guangxian, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Symphony Development Foundation (CSDF) and the General Manager of the SZS. The Vice General Manager of the SYSO is Zhou Ying, who is also the Vice General Manager of the SZS. The Resident Conductor of the SYSO is Zhong Hongliang.


    The SZS professionally manages the SYSO by referring to the organizational structure and management system of professional symphony orchestras. The principal of each part of the SZS and senior instrumentalists in the orchestra serve as instructors and provide all selected young musicians with free comprehensive orchestral performance skills training at Suzhou Lida Middle School.


    The SYSO will adhere to education-oriented, student-focused, professionally supported, and socially synergistic development. It will plan and coordinate resources from the government, businesses, and all walks of life to select the best young instrumentalists in Suzhou and become a top-class youth symphony orchestra with an international perspective. The SYSO is committed to becoming a youthful symbol of Suzhou's cultural exchange, providing a reference for improving aesthetic education in schools in the new era across Jiangsu Province and China.


    On Feb 5, 2023, the SYSO debut at the SZS's 2023 Spring Festival Concert. On July 6th and 8th, under the conduct of Maestro Chen Xieyang and resident conductor Zhong Hongliang, the SYSO successfully performed two summer concerts at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center Concert Hall and the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center Jinji Lake Concert Hall. This marked a splendid conclusion to the SYSO's inaugural 8-day summer camp.

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