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    Suzhou Cultural Investment and Development Group (SCIDG) is a first-class state-owned enterprise under the jurisdiction of Suzhou Municipal Government. With the aim of promoting the "Jiangnan Culture" and driven by the corporate spirit of "openness, inclusiveness, innovation and long-term horizon", SCIDG strives to form core capabilities in performance management, venue operation, exhibition economy, cultural digitization as well as cultural industry park development and operation. Supported by cultural industry investment funds, SCIDG actively promotes cultural development, capital agglomeration and industrial clusters, committed to growing into an overall solution provider for the development of urban culture industry and rapidly becoming one of the top 30 cultural enterprises in China.

    SCIDG owns six art groups, namely Suzhou Su Opera Troupe, Suzhou Song & Dance Theater, Suzhou Xi Opera Troupe, Suzhou Ballet Theatre, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra and Suzhou Chinese Orchestra, and four cultural and sports carriers, namely Suzhou Sports Center, Suzhou International Expo Center, Suzhou Culture & Arts Centre and Suzhou Kaiming Theatre. Currently, SCIDG manages Suzhou Cultural Industry Investment Fund and has initiated the establishment of a Cultural Infrastructure Industry Investment Fund to provide capital assistance for the transformation, construction and upgrade of cultural industry parks and large-scale cultural & tourism carriers in Suzhou.

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